ViaFresh: Our Rancid Resistant MCT Formulation

As announced in last month’s newsletter, our team is in the process of formulating an innovative rancid resistant MCT powder, ViaFresh. Our formulation combats the quick and dangerous rancidity of MCT products. Rancid MCT products become carcinogens, sources of free radicals and are completely ruined, resulting in a loss for both the distributor and consumer.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides

In formulating ViaFresh, our industry-leading staff members encompass a thorough understanding of MCTs. Let’s take a deeper look at Medium-Chain Triglycerides – These triglycerides are composed primarily of fatty acids and gain their name from the length of their fatty acid chains. While most fats in our diet are made of long-chain fatty acids (13-21 carbon atoms) triglycerides with a fatty acid carbon chain of 6 to 12 atoms is known as a medium-chain triglyceride. MCTs are most frequently used in nutraceutical foods and beverages.

MCTs and the Ketogenic Diet – Viachem’s Offerings

MCTs have strongly hit the market as a staple ingredient in the Ketogenic diet, pushing the product into high demand. To stay relevant with market trends, we offer a 60/40 ratio of C8 and C10 fatty acids, as well as a 70/30 blend with a 95% minimum concentration of C8 fatty acids. Viachem’s MCT ingredients are vital to MCT formulations, as they contribute to longer lasting products – benefiting our customers and the consumer.

ViaFresh is on the horizon, and we are eager to share this industry changing product with our food and beverage clients. If you have any questions surrounding MCTs or ViaFresh, contact us at [email protected].

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