Viachem’s 10 Year Anniversary

10 years ago this month, Mike Efting started Viachem with the support of 17 investors. The business model that Efting envisioned was to “re-imagine” and reinvent the distribution process in the chemical industry for both the manufacturers and the end-user buyers.

This business model to this day has been “redefining the experience”, designed to make lives easier for all of those involved in the chemicals and ingredients industry.

Viachem has proven that they provide demonstrable value in strategic partnerships by acting as a true partner and providing complete transparency in their sales and marketing processes. The first strategic partnership for Viachem was Clarus, a paraffin wax company selling in to the candle industry.

Dan Cadenhead, being the first technical sales specialist, made the first sale of paraffin wax to Madeline Scent out of Wyoming, a few months after Viachem partnered with Clarus in September 2006.

Viachem currently has 500 unique customers and thanks each and every one of them who have worked with them, and have helped make the company successful over the past 10 years. Viachem possesses a very specialized and specific strategy in deciding which chemical or ingredient manufacturers to partner with. They currently represent 30+ global producers.

Viachem owes its success over the past 10 years to their employees, supplier partners, customers, and their one-of-a-kind business model that provides real-time solutions and support to their end-use customers, helping them to be successful, while achieving market share growth for their producer partners.

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