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In the past two years, supply chain issues have derailed much of the food, beverage and ingredient industries. If you’re reading this, you probably experienced some of the derailment yourself. Almost 20% of logistics industry professionals said that the pandemic negatively impacted their supply chain in 2020. Behind every ingredient are a dozen more, and when one is suffering delays, your whole production line will.

What may seem like a minor inconvenience can soon balloon into massive losses. One ingredient facing supply issues? Studies have shown that disruptions to the supply chain can result in up to “62% loss in finances.” You’re not protected from this financial loss even if it hasn’t happened yet.

Though we’re not immune to supply chain disruptions, Viachem goes the extra mile to ensure your company gets ingredients on time and in perfect condition, so you never have to halt production.

At Viachem, we have over 40 years of experience in ingredient distribution. Our unparalleled knowledge shows in our familiarity with the supply chain, inside and out. Over half of companies agree that supply chain management creates an unbeatable competitive edge in the industry. Our team boasts unrivaled supply chain expertise to prevent issues before they happen. When they do, we can efficiently address and quell problems, so they don’t impact your company, meaning you won’t face financial loss. What does this mean for your business?

Two words: competitive edge.

Don’t settle for hoping supply chain issues don’t occur. When you partner with Viachem, you unlock access to the best and brightest supply chain experts who will carefully prepare and deliver results fast.

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