Viachem to Distribute Solvay’s 1 kg Package of Vanillin, Rhovanil®, Across North America

PLANO, TEXAS – March 21, 2019 – Viachem, a specialty chemical distributor, announced their partnership with Solvay’s Aroma Performance Global Business Unit, a leading producer of Vanillin and Ethylvanillin solutions. Effective immediately, Viachem will be distributing 1 kg packages of Solvay’s vanillin, Rhovanil®, across North America directly to the food and beverage industry.

Originally occurring in vanilla beans as its main flavoring molecule, the pure Vanillin creates the world recognized vanilla taste used in the food and beverage industry. Solvay’s Vanillin brand is the reference in the industry and used to achieve signature taste objectives, with a clean vanilla profile.

“Rhovanil®, our premium vanillin brand, has the highest purity level on the market,” said Ray Routhier, North America Distribution Manager for Aroma Performance. “Our consistent quality comes as a direct result of complete manufacturing process control. We are excited to partner with Viachem to bring our 1kg packaging size to the market.”

The partnership between both companies allows consumers better access to quality products. Viachem distributes the finest products with the most efficient process, thanks in part to its partnerships with world-class manufacturers, like Solvay.

“Adding Rhovanil® to Viachem’s already extensive product list will continue to strengthen our position in the food ingredient distribution industry,” said John Dorsey, Director of Sports, Functional Ingredients and Web Sales. “In addition to providing superior value to our customers, we recognize Solvay’s leadership presence as a supplier to the Food and Beverage industry, and we believe this partnership will ensure growth in both market share and profitability.”


About Viachem

Viachem, Ltd. is Where Chemistry Delivers Results. A leading sales and marketing distribution company, Viachem strives to be the go-to choice for chemical suppliers and North American manufacturers utilizing those elements who desire sales growth and reliable distribution of chemicals and ingredients through our unique sales model, elements of inside and skill-based sales, technical expertise, responsible distribution and market transparency. Located in the Dallas metroplex, Viachem was founded in 2006 and is a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD)

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