Viachem Supports New School

At Viachem, we prioritize giving back and are honored to partner with some of the most philanthropic and environmentally-conscious companies as well as assist in a variety of charitable institutions that make a difference in the community. The Apparo Academy is a new non-profit school that we are proud to support.  

Their mission is to assist children and their families with the necessary skills to realize their potential and achieve success through educational and therapeutic services. It provides therapy and nursing services to children with special needs and a support system for the whole family. 

Apparo will offer a full day of school services with individualized, research-based curriculum, nursing services and intensive occupational, physical and speech therapies for all children. Siblings and other children who do not have special needs are also invited to enroll to provide an inclusive academic environment with a low teacher-to-student ratio and typically developing peers. 

“I have a special needs child and this is the first school of it’s kind in our community that can support her needs,” said Bob Wills, supporter of the organization. 

At the core of Apparo Academy, there is a team of like-minded people striving toward the same goal: that every child may be given the resources to succeed. 

“Simple life tasks such as walking, eating, speaking, and dressing – which we all take for granted – are some of the most challenging hurdles these children have to overcome. Our foundation wants these children to succeed and we plan to be there to make sure they do,” said Wills. “We believe that children should be afforded every opportunity possible to enhance the quality of their lives. They deserve and should receive every resource available to ensure their success in play, school and home life.”

Contact [email protected] for more info about how you can get involved with Apparo Academy.

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