Viachem Announces Collaboration with PB Leiner / PB Gelatins for the Distribution Sales and Marketing of Specialty Gelatins and Collagen Hydrolysates


Viachem Announces Collaboration with PB Leiner / PB Gelatins for the Distribution Sales and Marketing of Specialty Gelatins and Collagen Hydrolysates

Plainview, NY and Plano, TX – April 2016 – Viachem, Ltd., the specialty chemical and ingredient company known for its innovative channel-to-market strategies, has been selected as a new distributor of specialty gelatins and collagen hydrolysates by PB Leiner, one of the largest gelatin producers, to expand their sales in the North American market.

With the capacity of more than 50,000 tons per year, PB produces a complete range of acid and alkaline type gelatins and collagen hydrolysates. Operating from ISO and HACCP certified factories, PB produces gelatins according to the specific requirements of its customers while complying with the national and international regulations. Their products are used in major food, pharmaceutical, health & nutrition, photographic, and technical applications.

“Viachem has assembled an impressive organization and proven itself to be an effective sales and service provider. We are confident their unique model for marketing, selling, and distributing specialty food ingredients can help us to expand our market share of specialty gelatins and collagen hydrolysates significantly. Viachem provides an added level of technical expertise and sales support that is highly valuable to our customers,” stated Troy Fernandes, Sales and Marketing Manager of PB Leiner.

“PB Leiner has confidence in Viachem’s sales and marketing and technical support and they feel Viachem can enhance sales and name recognition in a number of key industries. The customers and suppliers that we are already working with can also use PB’s products. It’s a great synergy in that we’re already deeply entrenched in their marketplace and can represent their unique offerings,” said Kyle Einhorn, VP of Business Development at Viachem.

The specialty chemical and ingredient industries have benefited in recent years from companies like Viachem, who are leading the way in creating an alternative channel to market that is more efficient and cost-effective for producers than the typical distribution model.  Possessing a sophisticated sales model, advanced technical expertise, and unique marketing efforts, make Viachem, Ltd. a unique and effective channel to market for specialist chemical manufacturers worldwide.

PB Leiner / PB Gelatins is a well established and renowned gelatin producer whose origins date back to more than a century ago. PB stands for Pont Brûlé, the site in Vilvoorde, Belgium where the company started its operations in 1880.  Since 1964 PB Gelatins is a division of Tessenderlo Group, an international chemicals group which employs around 5200 people in more than 100 branches in 21 countries. PB Gelatins Is known as the world’s third largest gelatin producer. Its website is

Viachem, Ltd. serves customers nationwide using a sophisticated sales and marketing model that helps manufacturers increase their customer base and market share.  Viachem’s services to chemical and ingredient purchasers include third party verification and quality control as well as formulation assistance and competitive pricing for specialty chemicals used in a wide range of industries. The company is headquartered in Plano, Texas.  Its website is

PB Leiner / PB Gelatins

Contact: Troy Fernandes

Sales and Marketing Manager

Telephone: +1 (516)-650-0330


Viachem, Ltd.

Contact: Kyle Einhorn

Vice President of Business Development

Telephone: +1 (972) 265-0400

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