Top 5 Science-Based Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT oil has skyrocketed in the health food and beverage market and there is a lot of clinical research around MCT oil’s many health benefits. Considered a supplement, MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides) is composed of medium-length chains of fats that are easily absorbed by the human body. 

MCT oil is most commonly derived from palm kernel oil and coconut oil. With both sources, the extraction process is called fractionation that is able to separate the MCT oil into a concentrate. There are four different types of MCT, each with different benefits, including the commonly used caprylic and capric acid, according to the reputed medical publication, Health Line

Consumers often use MCT oil as part of a health food routine, in an attempt to reap a variety of wellness benefits. It appears in the keto diet, among others, and also in many recipes including salad dressings, smoothies and beyond. Here are the top 5 science-based benefits of MCT oil: 

  1. Aids in Weight Loss 

Of MCT oil’s many benefits, weight loss ranks high on the list because of the extensive amount of research around MCT oil’s impact on weight loss.. MCT oil has been shown to promote the feeling of fullness, to help reduce body weight and waist circumference, to reduce and/or prevent obesity, and to help the body burn extra calories through clinical trials. Learn more about the weight loss related benefits of MCT Oil from the renowned health resource, PubMed

  1. Gives Immediate Energy

MCT Oil provides an immediate source of energy for the human body, as the body absorbs MCTs very quickly due to their shorter chain length. MCTs also enter cells without having to be broken down in a normal way, allowing for faster conversion to energy according to this clinical trial

  1. Carries the Potential to Mitigate Health Problems and Diseases

The ketogenic diet originally began as a helpful tool to manage epilepsy, and as MCTs are often a key ingredient in the keto diet, there is a possibility that they are beneficial in managing the symptoms of epilepsy. Read more from this study on how MCTs increased seizure control. Positive improvements for people with Autism who incorporated MCT into their diet are recorded in this study that tracked results over a 6 month period. There are also studies around MCTs’ ability to stop memory loss and help patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

  1. Helps Alleviate Inflammation 

According to Web MD, people are using MCT oil to help reduce inflammation. While more research is needed to discover if MCT oil is proven to help with inflammation and similar adverse health conditions, it stands to reason that MCT is a great addition to an anti-inflammatory diet. 

  1. Promotes Heart Health

By assisting weight loss, a factor that contributes to heart disease, and by reducing general inflammation, MCT oil is able to bolster heart health. With the deadly nature of heart disease, MCT oil is a key ingredient to help reduce the risk factors, and it also has the potential to manage healthy blood pressure. 

At Viachem, we offer premium MCT oil. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] for a sample or more information if you’re looking for a perfect ingredient that will seamlessly integrate into your food and beverage and personal care applications.  For a more in-depth look at the health benefits of MCT oil, visit Web MD, Medical News Today and Healthline that each has great compiled information and links to clinical studies and research.

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