Experience a Green Alternative with Viasol

Viasol, our exclusive line of Acrylic Polymer dispersants, serves as a high-quality, eco-friendly and low-cost option for our valued customers in search of an alternative product to polyacrylate dispersants. Viasol HD was crafted by our team to offer an exceptional array of advantages for all customers who choose it. These characteristics set Viasol apart from other competitors on the market.

Unique characteristics of Viasol include:

  •    Anti-redeposition aid
  •    High-temperature stability
  •    Low foaming properties
  •    Maintained stability under chlorine and alkaline conditions
  •    Reduced spotting and filming of glassware as a result of efficient calcium ion bonding
  •    Environmentally-friendly
  •    Aids in processing and granulation to spray dry products
  •    Compatible with surfactants regularly used in detergent and cleaning formulations

Viasol is produced in four distinct grades to present customers with an alternative to other polyacrylate dispersants offered on the market. Viasol is offered in a variety of packaging, including drums, totes, bulk tank trucks and other custom options.

This line ensures remarkable performance in cleaning products, soaps and detergents, all while meeting the criteria of environmentally friendly, phosphate-free and cost-effective in the vast market. Viasol is stocked in all Viachem warehouses located across North America. To learn more about Viasol, visit our website or contact us today at [email protected].

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