The Scoop on Rice Flour

Manufacturers whose aim is to maintain a clean label status should constantly examine their ingredient lineup, opting to formulate only with ingredients that are both sustainable in production and functional for the end-user. One less common alternative that’s worth considering for food and beverage producers? Rice flour.

How It’s Made

As you may have guessed, rice flour is created from the ground-up kernels of white or brown rice – yes, it’s really that simple! Its manufacturing benefits include light color, natural taste, and a water binding capacity of up to 10:1. Not to mention, it’s all-natural and gluten-free. 

What It Does

Rice flour prevents solids from separating from liquids, so it is often used as a thickening agent in foods such as soups, sauces, creams and chocolates. But that’s not where its uses stop. As an alternative to wheat flour, rice flour can also be used to make bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, cakes and even baby food. In the cosmetics industry, it’s used as a base for creams, soaps and masks, and as a natural exfoliant and additive in talcum powder.

This ingredient should also be considered for its texturizing properties. It has a limited ability to absorb oil and high starch content, giving it an edge that other flours don’t have. It’ll create a crisp outer layer on foods intended to be fried while maintaining a lower calorie content than wheat flour offers. 

Why It Works

Rice flour has the same nutritional characteristics as the rice that it comes from, not the least of which being its composition of mostly carbohydrates and proteins. It can help control cholesterol levels and blood pressure and is considered heart-healthy! Plus, it ensures lower acidity and easier digestion. The obvious nutritional value of rice flour makes any product formulated with this ingredient appealing to the end-user. 

Where You Can Get It

Viachem has rice flour available for you to try today! Reach out to our team to request a sample here

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