The Premium Dispersant You’ve Been Looking For

Why are dispersants used in laundry and dish detergents? They are able to greatly reduce or prevent calcium salt formation and keep removed solids in suspension so they do not re-deposit on laundry and dishware. They also inhibit mineral scale.

At Viachem, we are proud to offer the Viasol® product line, comprised of water soluble, acrylic polymers. Viasol is a dispersant that is used to provide an extra boost to the cleaning performance of a customers HI&I product.

Our products have a tailored composition and a targeted molecular weight structure to enhance cleaning and to inhibit scale deposition. Currently, we have multiple molecular weight products, phosphorus free forms, and liquid and solid forms available for ease of product development.

When Viasol dispersant polymers are incorporated into HI&I formulations, there are a few undeniable benefits. They not only improve the cleaning/detergency and reduce soil redeposition for superior whiteness retention, but also minimize calcium salts encrustation on fabric. They inhibit scale formation, minimize spotting and filming on glassware, allow for fast drying of surfaces and
overcome the shortcomings of phosphate-free formulations. Our offerings are also cost-effective, reducing product formulation costs.

If you are looking to opt for a premium, more cost-effective ingredient to formulate your cleaning products, look no further than Viasol. Viasol is able to be used across a variety of cleaning products, including, but not limited to, these applications:
  • Automatic dishwashing detergents (liquid and dry)
  • Laundry detergents (liquid and dry)
  • HI&I cleaning products
  • Hard surface cleaners
  • CIP cleaners
  • Vehicle wash detergents
  • Degreasers
So the question is, why not use our Viasol dispersant in your laundry and dish detergents? Contact one of our technical sales specialists at [email protected] to learn more today.
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