The Gold Standard for Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer

Along with the global pandemic of 2020 has come a rise in better hygiene practices across the country and around the world. There has been more visibility and attention given to personal hygiene than ever before, shaping consumer trends and impacting many industries including the personal care market.  

Hand sanitizer is one product that became prominent in the personal care industry during COVID-19 and continues to rise in popularity as people of all demographics believe in its importance and relevance to cleanliness and sanitation. 

With the rise in hand sanitizer’s popularity, many hand sanitizer companies sprung up to meet the growing demand; however, not all hand sanitizer products developed during this time were optimal or safe. The FDA has issued recalls and warnings to avoid 115 different brands of hand sanitizer (and counting) that either contain too small an amount of a sanitizing ingredient to be effective, or that contain toxic and dangerous chemicals, namely methanol which causes nausea, vomiting, headaches, permanent blindness, seizures and other adverse effects when ingested or absorbed through the skin. Wading through the many hand sanitizer brands on the market that are not FDA registered or approved can be a nightmare, especially for parents and care centers where there are children. 

At Viachem, we have a wholly-owned subsidiary called American Pure Products (APP), through which we have developed a premium, specialty hand sanitizer to meet the demand of the market that is plant based, toxin free and FDA registered. We formulated our purpose-made hand sanitizer specifically for the child care industry, and we are proud to present a product that is safe and beneficial for all ages. Our FDA-registered formula is made 100% in the USA and sold under the brand CaliCare

The inspiration behind our child-friendly hand sanitizer formulation came about in June 2020, when our Founder and CEO, Mike Efting, learned about the difficulties of obtaining reliable sources for safe hand sanitizers for use by families, parents, teachers and children in child care, preschools and other centers. 

In a discussion with the team at CaliCare, Efting said, “With all the companies springing up to produce hand sanitizer in 2020, many contained toxic ingredients, were minimally effective at killing germs, had an unpleasant odor and left hands sticky or dry.”

The team at American Pure Products researched and tested dozens of formulas before landing on the perfect hand sanitizer formulation for CaliCare. With hospital-grade ingredients and 70% Ethanol, this hand sanitizer is both safe and effective. In fact, at American Pure Products, we’ve dubbed this hand sanitizer the “gold standard” for the industry. With sustainable sourcing and environmentally friendly ingredients and development practices, CaliCare hand sanitizer will help keep your hands and your conscious clean. 

You can contact our team for more information or to receive a sample at [email protected] or visit the CaliCare website to order product directly.

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