Take Advantage of Low-Dust Food-Grade Chelate

The days of excessively dusty EDTA offerings are over thanks to Nouryon’s latest innovation with Solvitar® Plus. Just like other high-purity, food-grade chelates, Solvitar® Plus is utilized primarily to prevent trace amounts of metal ions in food from initiating reactions that result in spoiled food products and a decrease in quality and overall shelf life. When added as a stabilizer or preservative to food, Solvitar prevents catalytic oxidative decoloration caused by catalyzation from metal ions. This chelating agent is used to sequester metal ions in aqueous solutions, binding metal ions successfully allowing oil and water to mix.

While EDTA is an ingredient commonly used in the food and beverage industry, it can be a frustrating ingredient to work with. Depending on how it is dispensed, the dust it creates can be problematic for a variety of reasons, causing inconveniences such as dust inhalation and creates unnecessary waste.

Nouryon’s Solvitar Plus is formulated with 0.8 percent sunflower lecithin oil, dramatically reducing dusty components, leaving a nearly dustless product. The convenience of a high-grade chelate that does not plume is a vast advancement for the food and beverage industry, offering functionality to customers who choose Solvitar Plus.

Viachem is pleased to be a contributor in this industry-advancing ingredient, by exclusively partnering with Nouryon for distribution. We constantly strive to provide our customers with leading products and ingredients and are thrilled to take part in the distribution of this innovation.

This ingredient has proven superior effectiveness over competing chelating agents when stabilizing food and beverages. As experts in the chemical distribution industry, we understand that in order to understand the effectiveness of this premium specialized product, you must see it for yourself. Don’t hesitate to request a sample of Solvitar Plus from us today, and say goodbye to dusty EDTA forever.

For more information and to request your sample, contact our sales representatives at [email protected].

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