Sustainable Ingredients are Transforming Cosmetics Manufacturing

Skin care products have officially gone under the microscope. More than ever before, consumers are examining the ingredients used in personal care products and are evaluating the product’s environmental footprint. Manufacturers have caught notice of the trend, and are placing an increased priority on sourcing sustainable ingredients in an effort to minimize the potentially negative environmental impacts of their products.

Initiatives focused on developing sustainable ingredients have recently increased, and aim to assist companies in understanding the methods and actions they can take to become more sustainable.

According to Cosmetics Europe, there are three pillars of sustainability that help cosmetic companies to understand and address their product’s impact. These pillars include environmental, social and economic impacts.

Environmental Impact

This pillar focuses on the effects of manufacturing activities on our planet’s biosphere. Assessing the environmental impact of a product requires consideration of how each, specific cosmetic is formulated, or how key ingredients are used in formulation. Cosmetic companies have assessed the environmental impact of their products using tools such as Environmental Risk Assessment and Environmental Management System.

Social Impact

Cosmetics help society to achieve good physical hygiene and encourage positive self-esteem. Confidence and increased self-esteem contributes to positive social development. Consumers continue to be active members of their community, advocating for clean and sustainable products. Community building and contribution impacts a society greatly. In addition, members of social communities commit to employee support on things such as safety and working conditions.

Economic Impact

Economic impacts are closely related to social impacts, as they are both essential providers to human quality of life. When products are manufactured, the process for a given product has the ability to stimulate the local economy across various steps in the supply chain.

All three pillars are interconnected and should be critically considered by cosmetics companies. Placing sustainability into practice can be both a challenging and overwhelming process, but with the recent attention gained by “green” cosmetics formulations, it’s important to consider. Sustainability adoption in the cosmetics industry is primarily driven by consumer pressure as a result of the environmental, societal and economic impact of petrochemical-based chemicals.

One way cosmetics are going green, is with sustainable, bio-based chemicals. Over recent years, there has been immense progress with the amount of natural chemicals available for cosmetic formulation. Biotechnology and fermentation have been revolutionary in the production process, creating bio-based cosmetic ingredients, one of which being naturally sourced, bio-based butylene glycol. Until now, it has been difficult to discover bio-based chemical alternatives to traditional petroleum-based butylene glycol. Advances in biotechnology in collaboration with the ability to produce bio-based sustainable chemicals now allows cosmetic formulators to meet rising consumer demand for natural, sustainable products. Sustainable practices continue to appeal to newer generation companies dedicated to environmentally friendly practices.

We are excited to partner with Genomatica and be a part of the sustainability mission as the sole distributor of a natural butylene glycol, Brontide. At Viachem, we strive to highlight and promote natural and sustainable product offerings to customers across the nation. Brontide is taking the personal care and cosmetics market by storm, as it is ideal for personal care manufacturers seeking to develop new, natural products, or to formulate existing products with a natural alternative to petroleum-based butylene glycol. To learn more about Brontide distribution, contact us at (972) 265-0400 or [email protected]

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