Steviol Glycosides For Reduced-Calorie Beverages

BELLINGHAM, Wash.—Sweet Green Fields has expanded its portfolio of stevia extracts to include high-purity glycoside compositions, Optesse HPX and Optesse HPS.

A Sweet Green Fields team studied the interaction of steviol glycosides with reduced sugar and diet beverage sweetening systems, focusing on optimizing the sensory results of the steviol glycoside and sugar interactions at relatively low or high absolute sugar content replacement. The new compositions have the capability to be used with varying levels of sugar, while incurring minimal sensory consequences.

Optesse HPS is composed of purified Rebaudioside-A and is a high-purity sweetener with taste and cost advantages to create the “right calorie” product for blending with sugar and fructose. It is ideal for 33% to 50% reduced-sugar blended formulations. Similarly, Optesse HPX is also highly pure, yet geared toward formulations with more complex flavor systems or a zero- or low-calorie product. Both Optesse products are produced using the company’s Fast Precipitation Process that extracts high-quality stevia glycosides in a fraction of the time compared to standard industry methods.


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