Staff Highlight: Jared Cole

“I enjoy meeting new people and having the opportunity to learn about different cultures and communities.  I think my favorite thing is when I become close with customers and get to talk with them on a personal level, knowing that I am adding a service that they see as invaluable.”  – Jared Cole

Jared Cole is a Technical Sales Specialist who manages a large portion of Viachem’s accounts primarily in the personal care industry. He handles his many responsibilities with ease, building a network of industry professionals and adding value to clients by understanding and listening to their needs, processes and goals. 

Before coming to Viachem, he graduated from Texas Tech University and spent four years teaching high school and coaching. He spent time selling cars, eventually moving into a technology sales role. He found out about Viachem through a friend and three years later, he officially joined our team. Outside of work, Jared enjoys playing golf and guitar and spending time with his friends, family, girlfriend Paige and dog Maverick. 

We are thankful to have Jared because he is dedicated to learning about the industry and works hard every day to have a positive impact on our company and our clients. He is an asset to our team, and we are lucky to have them! 

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