Staff Highlight: Jared Cole

Meet Jared Cole, one of Viachem’s technical sales specialists that focuses on the personal care industry. He was one of only four people in his graduating class to receive a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Texas Tech. In his collegiate career, Jared took more science classes than fine arts classes and traded writing essays for writing proofs. 

Jared’s primary role at Viachem is managing personal care accounts and staying in tune with what is going on in the market from new trends to individual ingredients. He develops relationships with clients to understand our clients’ unique strategies and goals and to provide the best support possible. 

Outside of work, Jared loves playing recreational softball, playing guitar, travelling, gardening, and grilling/bbq-ing, but admitted that during COVID, his hobbies changed weekly! His go-to music station is Amos Lee Radio on Amazon. His music recommendation for you is “Seen It All Before” if you haven’t heard it. If he could vacation anywhere for two weeks, he would travel along the Mediterranean coast line from Croatia to Italy, spending time mountain biking, scuba diving, skiing, and hanging out with locals. We’re thankful to have his adventurous, hard-working spirit on our team and are excited for all we know he’ll accomplish this year and beyond.


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