Spotlight Ingredient: Erythritol

What is erythritol?

One of Viachem’s best-selling ingredients is none other than erythritol. Widely used as a sugar substitute, erythritol is a bulk sweetener with a caloric value close to zero. Its chemical makeup is a four-carbon sugar alcohol (polyol) that takes the form of a white crystalline powder. The only polyol that can claim to be natural, this sweetener is made through fermentation. The structure of its molecules gives them the ability to stimulate the sweet taste receptors on our tongues.

How is erythritol used?

Erythritol’s flavor profile is very similar to sugar, with approximately 70% of the sweetening power. It occurs naturally in various foods, including many fruits and mushrooms and fermented foods such as cheese, wine, beer and soy sauce. Erythritol is used in tons of applications such as beverages, confectionery, tabletop and baked goods. Erythritol is natural and typically used in formulations with other sweeteners, not often appearing as a stand-alone noncaloric sweetener.

Where does Viachem come in?

We want to work with you to provide the exact specialty ingredients you need, so Viachem offers a variety of custom erythritol blends. Erythritol can be blended with other items, such as stevia and monk fruit. These blends can co-crystallize at any rate that you’d like. We currently offer 1:1 and 1:2 ratios, but we are willing to do whatever ratio works for you. Viachem also has organic erythritol in stock, if that is what your products call for! Head to our product page to request a sample of erythritol today.

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