Solvitar Bolsters Beverages and Sauces

Trace metal ions in processed foods act as catalysts in the oxidation process leading to rancidity, spoilage reactions, the destabilization of vitamin C, discoloration, bad odors, color fading and flavor loss. One additional ingredient makes all the difference: Nouryon’s Solvitar, a food-grade calcium EDTA complex. At Viachem, we partner with Nouryon to bring this premium additive to product formulations across the U.S. 

Solvitar can be added to canned vegetables, fish, shellfish, soft drinks, sauces and margarine. However, fat-based products, especially poly-unsaturated fatty acids like Omega-3, are especially sensitive to oxidation reactions and susceptible to spoilage without the addition of Solvitar. In sodas, Solvitar helps to prevent discoloration and flavor loss. In beer, Solvitar promotes clarity and reduces gushing. 

Otherwise known as Calcium Disodium EDTA, Solvitar has been proven to be more effective than other types of chelating agents in stabilizing food and beverages. Solvitar is more effective than competitors such as natural plant extracts and pyrophosphate that do not work as strongly as calcium EDTA. 

This metal chelating agent is completely water-soluble, tasteless and colorless. It can be added in many various steps during food processing including the following: in soaking waters, pre-blanching, blanching and directly in can. It can also be sprayed on or injected into product as well. It is very safe to use, as there are no known negative synergies with any other food ingredients, and it meets the latest specifications set out by European Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia, Food Chemical Codex, European Directive and JECFA. 

Unique Solvitar qualities that formulators and manufacturers may not know about the product: 

  • Solvitar can be used to preserve color, clarity and taste in beers, wines and hard distilled liquors (allowed applications in US/Canada).
  • Solvitar is very effective as a vitamin stabilizer, especially for any foods or beverages with naturally occurring or added Vitamin C.
  • Low-fat or fat-free sauces and dressings can especially benefit from Solvitar to address flavor stability issues unique to foods with fat taken out.
  • From a beverage standpoint, Solvitar helps to extend the shelf life of soft drinks. 
  • Solvitar is the oldest chelate preservative on the market!

With Solvitar, manufacturers can reduce or eliminate synthetic and toxic preservatives such as BHT and BHA. Solvitar will also sometimes enhance the effect of other antioxidants or preservatives in product formulations.

At Viachem, we proudly partner with Nouryon to exclusively offer this product in the U.S. Get a sample today when you email our team of degreed technical sales specialists at [email protected].

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