Viachem and Raybo Chemical Company Partner on Sales and Marketing of Raybo 77AlGel Specialty Fracking Additives

PLANO, TX – November 5, 2012 – Raybo Chemical has selected Viachem Ltd. to be its sales and marketing representative in select States for its Raybo 77AlGel fracking additives, the two companies jointly announced today.

Viachem is a Dallas-based specialty chemicals distributor with a revolutionary system of using market intelligence and technically trained sales staff to manage the sales and marketing of specialty additives to many end-use markets including Oil and Gas, specifically fracking applications.  The company continues to grow quickly with new customers worldwide.

Raybo Chemical Company is a global supplier of complex technologies including corrosion, flash rust inhibitors, rheology modifiers, flow control, wetting and a host of other additives tailored to meet customer needs.  Raybo is partnering with Viachem to service selected states and customers who are looking for fracking alternatives.  With the addition of Raybo 77AlGel, drillers can gel Hydrocarbons, like diesel fuel, without heating at or above the Hydrocarbon’s flash point for extended periods of time, Raybo 77 promotes the formation of an Aluminum Octoate gel in the diesel fuel at room temperature.

Bill Reid, Vice President Technical of Raybo Chemical Company says, “Our customers look to us for innovation and ways to make them more competitive and Raybo 77 AlGel in conjunction with Aluminum Octoate does just that.  Fracking underground rock formations to extract oil and natural gas requires a means for transmitting the shattering force from the surface to the underground formation. This is usually accomplished by filling the bored hole with a non-compressible fluid to transmit the force as efficiently as possible.  Water is the fluid of choice at many sites with Guar Gum used to increase viscosity. Currently, the demand for Guar Gum far exceeds the world’s supply resulting in skyrocketing prices. By controlling the additive/gellant ratio, fluidity can be maintained while the fracking mixture is being pumped into the formation. Then the viscosity builds rapidly developing the non-compressible fluid stream required to transmit the force necessary to shatter and force open the surrounding rock.

The use of Hydrocarbons as the fracking fluid is gaining acceptance as the demand for Guar Gum, the gellant of choice for water fracking fluids, has exceeded the world supply dramatically increasing the price.

“Viachem offers a compelling opportunity to assist with increasing the sales of our specialty additives.  They understand our markets and already have relationships with many current end-use customers and potential customers.  We were impressed by their immersion in our industry, as well as their sophisticated approach to managing the customer service and marketing” said Reid.

Raybo has entrusted us with the growth of their sales in a key industries such as paint, coatings and inks. This opportunity is a great addition to our growing list of specialty and unique that customers we are already working with can use.  It’s a great synergy in that we’re already deeply entrenched in their marketplace and can represent their unique offerings,” said Kyle Einhorn, Vice President of Business Development for Viachem.

For more information on Viachem, contact Kyle Einhorn at 972-265-0415 or Bill Reid at 304-525-5171



About Raybo Chemical Company

RAYBO Chemical Company started its activities more than 60 years ago and was one of the first to market technical additives to the coatings industry in theUnited   States. Today, the company located inHuntington,West   Virginia, operates a global network of distributors and agents, with sales offices in 31 countries.

About Viachem Ltd.

Viachem Ltd. serves a growing portfolio of chemical producers by offering exclusive sales and marketing representation for fine ingredients and specialty chemicals to customers throughout North America. Viachem specializes in the food and beverage, personal care, paints and coatings, industrial and household cleaners, specialty waxes, industries.

Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas, and maintains warehouses throughout the United States.

In 2011, Viachem was named to the prestigious SMU Cox Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship’s “Dallas 100™,” debuting in the 30th position.

For more information, visit the Viachem website:

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