Raybo 111: Flowability Control When Recoatability Matters

pipe powder coating flowability control

Whenever metal is used, corrosion is an issue. Coatings are used to provide protection against not only corrosion, but also abrasion, impact and chemical attack.

Pipeline and rail car applications are demanding more effective and more cost efficient products. As a result, coating additive manufacturer Raybo Chemical has responded with new technology that is easier to apply, reduce the number of coats and requires less energy, reducing application time and cost while exceeding desired performance!

Raybo 111: Flowability Control When Recoatability matters

  • Raybo 111 is a 50% active additive carried on an ultra fine amorphous silica
  • Readily disperses in the dry mix powder coatings
  • Raybo 111 improves substrate wetting, often with better adhesion
  • Raybo 111 reduces the melt to air surface tension removing surface imprefections
  • Reduced Pinholing
  • Provides flow and leveling to epoxy primer/ topcoat systems
  • Wide range of applications, such as rail cars and pipe lines

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