Pulse Flour: Not So Run-Of-The-Mill

The Alternative You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’re looking to increase your product’s protein and fiber content, maintain a clean label status and avoid allergens, look no further than pulse flour! This inexpensive yet effective ingredient is on the rise – and for good reason.

What is pulse flour?

Derived from the edible seeds of legumes, pulse flour is an emerging alternative to conventional flours, such as whole wheat and all-purpose. Whether created from dry beans, lentils or chickpeas, this plant-based ingredient is low in fat and rich in fiber, making it an ideal candidate in lieu of its more traditional counterparts.

How can pulse flour improve my product?

As consumers continue searching for clean labels and sustainable options, the value that opting for a pulse flour adds will only continue to grow. When compared to all-purpose flour, here’s what pulse flour can provide:

• It’s gluten free. Experts estimate that the number of people in the United States suffering from celiac disease – inflammation after eating products made with gluten – is around 2 million. Thus, by simply trading a traditional flour for a gluten-free pulse flour, your market potential expands by millions.

• It won’t change the appearance, taste or texture of your product. This creates the best of both worlds: as a producer, you’re able to increase the nutritional value of your product without the consumer experiencing a perceived loss in quality or satisfaction.

• Legumes contain more dietary fiber than any other food group. This high fiber content can help lower cholesterol levels and control blood sugar.

• Where traditional flour offers between 6 and 10 grams of protein per 100 grams, pulse flour offers between 20 and 26 grams – more than double. This protein serves to build muscle, assist in metabolism and defend the body against disease.

Where do I start?

At Viachem, we’re proud to partner with Honest Origins to bring clean label ingredients to the food and beverage space. Their unmatched resources are utilized to create products that offer great taste and high functionality. We have their sustainably crafted pulse flours in stock now, including navy bean, black bean, pinto bean, small red bean, lentil, yellow pea and rice flour. By ordering a sample from Viachem, you can become a pioneer in this industry today!

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