Acetyl Tributyl Citrate (ATBC)

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Product Information

  • CAS#: 77-90-7
  • Manufacturer: Sucroal
  • Industries: Industrial Chemicals/Paints & Coatings, Clean Label
  • Certified as a non-toxic substance by the EC Food Additive included in the European Union
  • Meets standards described in The United States Pharmacopeia USP
  • Listed in the ingredients used in cosmetics 2006-257 -EC

CITROFOL®AI  acetyltriethyl citrate, C14H22O8, a citrate ester, was initially used as a plasticizer in polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and cellulose derivates. Still, its usefulness has grown into multiple applications as the demand for more healthy and environmentally-friendly materials accelerates.

Triethyl citrates offer an excellent alternative for plasticizer products currently under scrutiny — phthalates and adipates — and can replace them in cosmetics, pharmaceutical coatings, food-contact films and plastic articles.


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The manufacturer we partner with—Sucroal—functions with a 100% backward integrated raw material supply chain. They manufacture all raw materials that go into ATBC; therefore, we can trace every sub-ingredient back to the source.

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