Dispersant (H I&I)

Dispersant (H I&I)

Viasol HD offers a unique set of benefits to consumers, setting our chemical product apart from others on the market. These include outstanding anti-redeposition aid, high temperature stability, low foaming properties and maintained stability under chlorine and alkaline conditions.


Product Manufacturer:

Viachem, Ltd.


Product Industry:

Industrial Chemicals/Paints & Coatings


The product will be produced in four distinct grades as a way to provide customers a low-cost alternative compared to other polyacrylate dispersants on the market. Viachem will offer Dispersant in drums, totes, bulk tank trucks and custom packaging in order to meet the needs of all customers. 

Dispersant will be stocked in all Viachem warehouses located across North America and serves as an environmentally friendly and phosphate-free option to the marketplace. This high quality, eco-friendly product introduces a much-needed low-cost alternative to the industry while also ensuring remarkable performance in cleaning products, soaps and detergents.