• CAS#: 52-51-7

    Bronopol (INN) is a highly active antimicrobial chemical compound whose chemical formula is 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol.
  • CAS#: 127-65-1

    Chloramine-T (Tosylchloramide Sodium Salt) (C7H7CINO2S), is a N-chlorinated and N-deprotonated sulfonamide produced by Iofina Chemical. It is a white powder that gives unstable solutions with water. It is used a a disinfectant and a biocide.
  • CAS#: 111-30-8

    Glutaraldehyde, CH2(CH2CHO)2, is an organic, pungent, colorless oily liquid used to disinfect medical and dental equipment. It is also used for industrial water treatment and as a chemical preservative.
  • CAS#: 122-99-6

    Phenoxyethanol – Protectol® PE, commonly known as Glycol Ether EPH, is an organic chemical compound that is a slow evaporating glycol ether being offered by BASF. It has high polymer solvency and excellent coalescing abilities.