Product Profile: Solvitar Produced by Nouryon – Calcium Disodium EDTA Chelate

Produced by Nouryon, Solvitar® is a high-purity, food-grade chelate used to stabilize a variety of foods and beverages. This active ingredient prevents trace metal ions in food from causing spoiling reactions that result in a degrade of quality and shelf life of food products.

Viachem is eager to offer a chelating agent used to sequester metal ions in aqueous solutions. This ingredient has proven superior effectiveness over competing chelating agents in stabilizing food and beverages. When Solvitar is added to food as a preservative or stabilizer, it prevents catalytic oxidative decoloration caused by catalyzation from metal ions.

For example, when EDTA is added to soft drinks and sodas containing ascorbic acid and sodium benzoate, the ingredient mitigates formation of benzene, which is a carcinogen. In personal care products, the ingredient is added to cosmetics to improve overall air stability of the product.

Selecting Viachem as your supplier of food grade chelate gives you a distinct advantage. In addition to offering this Food Safety Certified product at a lower cost, our sales team will work to ensure you’re getting the best product that fits your individual needs. Reach out to a member of our “sales machine” team to learn more. Contact us.

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