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We understand that in today’s market, it’s nearly impossible to maintain consistent, profitable growth with little to no channel conflicts. At Viachem, we identify the need for efficient turnkey marketing channel, and that’s why we sought to redefine the distribution experience. We aren’t a distributor, but a new approach to chemical sales that entails comprehensive North American coverage. Our impactful sales technique goes far beyond the standard audience – it is an engine of growth for our customers.

Producer’s Dilemma

Producer’s FAQs

With more than 14 million prospects, we can uncover new qualified tier 2 and 3 end-use customers across multiple end-use markets to:

  • Locate your ideal end-use customer
  • Confirm them as a prospect
  • Quickly expand your market reach
Through a customer online portal, In 15 minutes, you can see and understand what activity is taking place with end-use customers and prospects all over North America.
Technical Sales Specialists are adept at talking with technical and procurement managers, which effectively navigates your specialty chemicals, food additives and ingredients through customers’ buying procedures and increases your market share.

Our technical sales specialists focus on selling your product everyday!

They make 4,000 sales contacts every year on pre-qualified leads. The average outside sales person can make fewer than 800 contacts. That means Viachem sells more, achieving a higher market share growth for you at the end of the day.

Unique sales process

Established systems and processes for sales and sampling follow through. No sample opportunities ever get missed or fall through the cracks.
There are no “white spaces” anywhere in your territory maps. You have complete market distribution coverage, penetration, and customer retention.
With one phone call or email to Viachem’s national sales manager, you can get a clear picture of all tier 2 and 3 customers while you and your team focus on your strategic direct accounts.