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Channel to Market Sales Strategy


As a leading sales company in our industry, our team has a clear understanding of what is required to market and sell your product… SUCCESSFULLY. With every customer, we begin the sales process with a customized market research and qualification campaign, utilizing our unique proprietary research methodology. From those results, we are then able to locate potential end-use customers in all market segments in North America. Our technical sales team is comprised of experts knowledgeable in chemistry, formulation, performance as well as technical insight. The Viachem team focuses on your product and expanding your market share daily – that’s what makes us different from other specialty chemical, food additive and ingredient distributors.

Redefining The Experience


Viachem’s sales process begins with a custom Market Qualification Campaign utilizing our proprietary research methodology.

Viachem uses multiple in-house databases to research and locate over 80% of the potential end-use customers in any market segment in the USA and Canada.

This process provides access to under-served markets and is key to rapid sales growth and increased market share.

Exclusivity allows the partnership to share end-user information readily.

As a strategic partner, Viachem provides complete visibility on all market qualification and sales activity in a simple easy to digest on-line dashboard.

Producer partners see us as a solutions provider who generates consistent results:

  • Increased sales
  • Superior market share

Technical Sales Specialists are selling your product every day making 25 to 30 calls per day rapidly extending your tier 2 and 3 market share.

They are very knowledgeable about certain products and focus only on specific end-user markets.

A customized dashboard is provided with real-time valuable information for every segment of the market qualification campaign and on-going sales efforts.


Viachem Achieved High Market Share Growth for AkzoNobel

  • Innovative distributor matching
  • Resulted in doubled product orders
  • Successful market share growth
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