Preserve Your Product with Lactic Acid

The All-Natural Ingredient That Lasts

Extending the shelf life of your product is critical. While artificial preservatives do the job, consumers are increasingly searching for clean-label products with naturally sourced ingredients. Lactic acid is the ingredient that can do both.

The Lactic Acid Production Process

Lactic acid is naturally produced in the human body when sugar is broken down to create energy in the absence of oxygen. This ingredient can also be produced outside the body via a manual fermentation process. While foods like yogurt and sourdough ferment on their own, chemical manufacturers often use a starter culture to begin the fermentation process.

Lactic Acid At Work

In the human body, lactic acid assists in cellular respiration, glucose production and molecule signaling. Its usefulness only increases when incorporated into your products. Whether you’re in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or personal care industry, lactic acid offers a wide range of benefits.


Food & Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, lactic acid is a common preservative and flavoring agent. It can kill and suppress bacteria in food, making products last longer. Additionally, it controls pH levels to limit acidity and prevent food from spoiling. Its probiotic qualities help boost users’ gut health and strengthen their immune systems. Common products with lactic acid as an ingredient are breads, desserts, olives, pickles and jams.

The personal care and cosmetics industries cite lactic acid as an exfoliant, anti-wrinkling agent and natural preservative. It can adjust the pH levels in body washes, creams and hair care products, improving the strength of users’ skin and hair. In the pharmaceutical industry, products like implants, pills and controlled drug release systems frequently include lactic acid as an additive.

Putting Lactic Acid To the Test

Viachem partners with Galactic to offer an organic, clean label lactic acid product as a powder or a solution. Galactic has pioneered fermentation technology to help producers develop safe and sustainable products. Their fermentation process of sugar and non-GMO microorganisms creates a natural, antimicrobial lactic acid that you can trust.

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