Paint Additives That Reduce Your Production Costs

In order to meet industry standards and provide the best overall performance, companies formulate modern coatings with a complex combination of additives. These additives include pigments, thickeners, defoamers, dispersants, emulsifiers, and corrosion inhibitors, to name a few. 

Additives help improve the properties of the coatings, such as gloss, flowing and leveling, stain resistance, and beyond. Additives not only create high quality coating systems, but also are essential for cost-efficient production. As an industry-leading chemical supplier, we partner with Raybo to offer you a wide selection of high-performance specialty paint additives for manufacturers in the industrial paints and coatings industry. These additives are perfect for a wide range of paint and coating products. Many of them allow you to reduce your production costs without sacrificing your product or having to reformulate. 

Our paint additives fall into two categories: dispersants and corrosion inhibitors. Here are the specs for several of our key paints and coatings products from our industry-trusted partner, Raybo.   

The Top 4 Dispersants on the Market 

Raybo’s coating dispersants help to prevent flocculation, sagging and settling in your paint products, while improving wetting, maximizing color strength and reducing mill times. 

  1. Raybo 57 OptiSperse HS – Meet the industry-standard broad spectrum dispersant. Raybo 57 improves dispersion and gloss for high solids coating and ink product formulations and is equally effective in both low and high HLB value pigments. It can aid many different solvent and water reducible systems. 
  2. Raybo 63 Disperse – This product allows for a substantial amount of water additions in oil phase systems that reduces production costs without reformulation. It is a unique dispersing agent aiding in the formation of water in oil emulsions and useful in both solvent and water systems. In water systems, Raybo 63 helps pigments to be dispersed. In solvent systems, Raybo 63 works as a dispersing agent or as a puffing agent at low levels for oil phase systems. 
  3. Raybo 94 Susperse B – This product is highly effective as a dispersant and offers advanced sag and settling control. It is highly compatible with many different systems, making it a convenient additive for any stage in the manufacturing process. It also will not cause viscosity increases when acting as a sag control agent. 
  4. Raybo 273 OptiSperse – This dispersant is great for pigments that contain transition metals helping to increase gloss, stability and color development of the finished coating. 

The Top 4 Corrosion Inhibitors on the Market 

Raybo’s trusted corrosion inhibitors are key ingredients that help eliminate flash rust and in-can corrosion. They also help to eliminate corrosion undercutting and moisture attack. 

  1. Raybo 60 NoRust – This product is the industry standard for eliminating flash rust and in-can corrosion. It’s versatile and effective, containing vapor phase and contact corrosion inhibitors. It works to prevent rusting in both water and latex systems and coatings intended for direct-to-metal application. 
  2. Raybo 75 ProtectR – This product works well for long-term corrosion protection to emulsion, water reducible and solvent-based coatings. It provides better adhesion, moisture resistance and undercutting prevention, and it works well with a flash rust inhibitor in aggressive water systems to provide critical protection while the coating dries.  
  3. Raybo 90 NoRust NF – This product offers the same flash rust and in-can corrosion protection and is nitrite-free. It’s designed for applications that have to meet more stringent environmental requirements.  
  4. Raybo 218 NoRust LO – This anionic corrosion inhibitor is specially designed for water-based coating applications and is nitrite free.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members for a sample or for more information at [email protected]. We’re an industry-leading chemical supplier with a team of degreed technical sales specialists dedicated to bringing you the best service and chemicals on the market.  

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