Now Is the Time to Tri(ethyl) Citrate

A Personal (Care) Best

Consumers are quickly settling into the fall season, evidenced by freshly-stocked seasonal products flying off shelves nationwide. For end users, fall comes with increased time at home, seeking relaxation and comfort through all five senses. After a long and busy summer, they’re renewing their self-care habits—and manufacturers in the personal care industry can (and should) give them what they’re asking for.

Formulating for a personal care product requires patience and a high level of consideration for the end user. Ensuring your ingredients are clean label and natural is not only recommended, but in the current market, necessary.

Non-toxic, eco-friendly and bio-degradable, triethyl citrate is a popular additive in the personal care industry. Made via an esterification process with ethanol and citric acid, the ingredient is versatile and safe, with mild properties that show no sensitizing effects on humans. Its uses include:

  • Pure solvent, diluent and fixative for long-lasting perfumes
  • Active agent for deodorants
  • Dispersal of organic UV filters in sun products
  • Film-strengthening in hair sprays and nail polish

Outside of the personal care industry, triethyl citrate is accepted as a food additive by the FDA, often incorporated as a plasticizer and food-carrier solvent. It also has uses in the pharmaceutical and industrial industries. Find the details here.

We’re proud to offer Sucroplast Triethyl Citrate, a phthalate-free, non-GMO, USDA natural option. It’s an environmentally friendly plasticizer for cellulose derivatives and natural resins, and its low toxicity profile and non-GMO status make it especially desirable in our market. This ingredient is a valuable addition to clean-label conscious products at a lower cost.

Are you ready to try our Sucroplast TEC? Let us know today!

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