Maximize Nouryon’s Innovative Dissolvine® NA2-P

You may have heard of Nouryon’s nearly dustless innovation, solvitar, which has various applications in the food and beverage industry. Now, Nouryon has a powerful solution for pharmaceutical and personal care product formulations: disodium EDTA chelate, otherwise known as Dissolvine® NA2-P. This ingredient sequesters metal ions in aqueous solution, combining carboxylic acid functionality into a single molecule. This allows for NA2-P to create more stable complexes with metal ions compared to other non-amino polycarboxylates chelating agents.

NA2-P performs well within a wide range of temperatures and pH values and is able to dissolve efficiently in water. No matter how demanding the conditions, NA2-P is powerful enough to act quickly. NA2-P is used in lotions and creams for the same reason that solvitar is used in white food products such as mayonnaise. Both chelating agents help in color preservation and product stability. The premium ingredient, NA2-P, is also naturally biodegradable, making it a sustainable ingredient choice for clean-label product formulations.

The Dissolvine® NA2-P is perfect for pharmaceutical and personal care applications, appearing in a range of products including soaps, cleaning solutions, detergents, water softeners and various cosmetics products. It improves product effectiveness, color and stability during air exposure. NA2-P also appears in products such as textile dyes, metal plating and finishing, photochemistry, bactericides and enzyme deactivators.

At Viachem, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the chemical industry by distributing the best specialty ingredients on the market today. Our exclusive Dissolvine® NA2-P offering from Nouryon is available in various concentrations in powder form. It is a perfect, sustainable choice for high-quality pharmaceutical and personal care products. Contact our team directly at [email protected] to request a sample. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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