Making the “Sales Machine” Work for You

Our company was founded on the singular desire to redefine the chemical distribution experience, passing along tangible results to our clients and industry partners. How do we execute on this lofty goal? While many factors contribute to Viachem’s dominance within the industry, one particular component clearly sets our team apart from the rest—our sales process.

We refer to our unique approach to selling as the “Sales Machine” because of its effective and consistent performance for our clients. When Viachem first arrived on the scene, we sought to create customized sales strategies for each company who chose to partner with us–and we’ve remained committed to that approach because it works. We’ve found that our customized customer relationship management system, combined with our award-winning lead generation and internet marketing system, produces results unmatched by any of our competitors.

The Viachem team is also comprised of extensively trained and highly specialized sales personnel, all of whom have a technical background in chemistry, biology or a similar area of study. Because of their technical training, they are able to offer increased expertise when selling your chemical product. Our sales specialists are focused and learn everything they can about small range of products so they may better target distinct end-user markets.  Other “traditional” distributors don’t consider the importance of this specialization process and therefore may not give your products the attention they deserve.  All the other products the “traditional distributor” sells become your product’s main competition. At Viachem we sell each of our partner’s products every day, to a target rich roster that is visible to the producer partner.

Producing measurable results for our clients provides the driving force behind Viachem’s growth. Our success is directly tied to the success of our clients, which is why our sales process has been able to up-end the traditional sales model offered by other distributors.  To learn more about how you can put our “sales machine” to work for you, email us at [email protected], or go to 

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