At Viachem, we are proud to announce our wholly-owned subsidiary, American Pure Products, through which we are launching a variety of USA-manufactured, premium products. American Pure Products currently sells CaliCare all-natural, non-toxic, gentle hand sanitizer and will also be the company behind Viapure, offering the purest CBD on the market. 

Viapure CBD 

According to premier CBD researchers, the Brightfield Group, the total US CBD market could reach $16.8 billion in 2025. CBD is growing rapidly across many industries, owing some of that growth to the legalization of CBD with 0.3% or less THC from the 2018 Farm Bill. The FDA is also poised to provide regulations around CBD in the food and beverage space in 2021. Read our blog to view a status update on CBD regulations in food and beverage.  

More people across demographics have been willing to try CBD for the first time, and many new CBD users have come about amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as people look for new ways to manage their stress and anxiety. The demographic breakdown of CBD users in the marketplace according to Single Care shows that 20% of people ages 18-29, 16% of people ages 30-49, 11% of people ages 50-64, and 8% of people age 65 and older use CBD.   

Viapure has emerged amid rapid growth in the CBD industry, offering the purest Broad Spectrum CBD on the market and boasting 0.00% Delta-9 THC across all products. Viapure is launching its first CBD product line, “For Health,” in 2021, offering a CBD Cooling Roll-On, CBD-Infused Lotion, CBD Tinctures in peppermint flavor and CBD Balm. All of these products are manufactured in the USA with premium ingredients.

Viapure is not only set apart by their products’ purity, but also by their business practices. For every business decision Viapure makes, they have their retailers in mind. Viapure is one of the only CBD companies not to sell direct-to-consumer, elevating their partner retailers. You can reach the Viapure team directly at [email protected]

CaliCare Hand Sanitizer 

Due to a rise in hygienic products from COVID-19, various hand sanitizer products have appeared in the market, not all of which are safe or healthy. The FDA recalled 115 hand sanitizers and counting for being ineffective or containing toxic ingredients. The difficulty to find safe, effective hand sanitizer that is beneficial for all ages including children, served as the inspiration for American Pure Product’s child-friendly hand sanitizer.  

Through American Pure Products, we partnered with the brand CaliCare to develop a premium, specialty hand sanitizer to meet the demand of the market that is plant based, toxin free and FDA registered. Researching and testing dozens of formulas, we designed a purpose-made hand sanitizer specifically for the child care industry, and proudly distribute a product that is safe and beneficial for all ages. CaliCare is made 100% in the USA with hospital-grade, sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients and 70% Ethanol. Our hand sanitizer is “the gold standard” for the child care industry. Read more about it on our blog

With over 42 years of experience in the chemical and ingredient distribution industry, we offer unrivaled supply chain expertise and maintain stability of stock with on-time deliveries every time for all American Pure Products lines. There are many opportunities for American Pure Products to branch out into different clean, all-natural wellness brands across multiple industries, as we draw from our depth of knowledge in chemical and ingredient-related fields. Don’t hesitate to contact our team at [email protected] for more information about American Pure Products, CaliCare and Viapure. We look forward to hearing from you.

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