Keeping Food and Beverages Fresh With Solvitar

It’s a no-brainer: safety plays a pivotal role in the use of food additives. Unsafe food introduces the risk of a vast array of diseases and threats to bodily systems—as well as lawsuits. When using additives, you want to be sure that what you are implementing in your product is helping or sustaining rather than harming consumers. Believe it or not, foods may contain trace metal ions which can cause spoilage reactions that degrade not only quality, but also shelf life of food products. That’s where Solvitar comes in.

Solvitar is a high-purity food-grade chelate that improves freshness and appearance of food and beverage products by acting as a stabilizer. When used as a food additive, it prevents catalytic oxidative decoloration caused by catalyzation from metal ions. While chelating agents are commonly used in the realm of soap, detergents, textile dyeing, water softening, metal finishing and plating, bacteriocides, pulp and paper, enzyme deactivation and photochemistry, Solvitar has is a suitable alternative to other chelating agents (such as phosphates or citric acid) in stabilizing food and beverages. 

Many users have replaced phosphates with Solvitar and also benefit by being able to reduce the level of other antioxidants. Solvitar has a “synergistic” effect with antioxidants to do its work more effectively and efficiently. This enhances the appearance and appeal of products and promotes much longer shelf life than what would be achieved with antioxidants alone. In some cases, one would need to use much less of other antioxidants, especially BHA and BHT, which are considered toxic, to achieve the same effect.

A classic characteristic of most food grade EDTA chelating agents is that they are powdery in nature, making it difficult to work with in labs for formulating products. What sets Solvitar apart is that it is nearly dustless, greatly eliminating a key complication in most EDTA chelates. Focused on keeping foods fresh, Solvitar is the only sequestering agent that can give foods and beverages a longer shelf-life.

At Viachem, we’re proud to be an industry-leading chemical distributor, offering the best specialty ingredients on the market today. We offer the food-grade calcium EDTA complex, Solvitar, produced by manufacturer, Nouryon in Herkenbosch in the Netherlands. It is produced under HAACP and has received the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000). It is also both Kosher and Halal certified. Nouryon goes to great length and invests a lot of time and money into the food safety and quality process to make this product premium. 

Learn more about our premium chemical offering and request a sample by contacting our team today at [email protected]. Our expert technical sales specialists are ready to talk with you to find the ingredient best suited for your specific food stabilizing needs. 

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