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You might think that the cake mix in your pantry, the lotion in your bathroom and the paint on your walls have nothing in common. But, think again! Each of those products (and more) are all made with gum acacia as a core ingredient.

What is gum acacia?

Sourced mostly from certain regions in Africa, the hardened sap of acacia trees is collected and ground into a fine powder. Known as gum acacia, this powder has been used in manufacturing and consumption for as many as 5,000 years. While its uses in the food and beverage industry are well known, this ingredient is actually much more versatile than it’s usually given credit for.

What can it do?

In the food and beverage industry, gum acacia is most notably used as an emulsifier and stabilizer. This means that it binds ingredients that don’t typically mix, and helps them remain that way from production all the way to final consumption. Known as one of the most vital encapsulating agents in the industry, its solubility and low viscosity allow it to improve the quality of the end product by retaining volatile compounds without sacrificing flavor or texture. While it is most often used in the confectionery industry, this powerful ingredient can also be found in soft drinks, powders, soups and more.

Lesser known, but just as important, are gum acacia’s uses in other products. Its emulsifying and stabilizing properties, among others, easily translate for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and paint industries as well.

In lotions and creams, this ingredient increases thickness to provide a protective coating and smooth feel upon application. Additionally, it acts as a foam stabilizer in liquid soaps and enacts film-forming properties for optimal adhesion to the skin. Because it’s also a microencapsulator, it’s frequently used as a therapeutic drug-delivery agent. And, let’s not forget the paint on your walls – gum acacia works to evenly disperse the pigments throughout the product, giving a clean and consistent finish.

How can it help you?

Whatever your industry, gum acacia has a place. If you’re ready to try it for yourself, Viachem has plenty to get you started. Contact us here to order a sample today.

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