Introducing Viachem’s Clean Label Initiative

At Viachem, we’re focused on redefining the chemical distribution experience, and giving unmatched customer service and insight to all who choose to work with us. As we’ve developed relationships with clients, we are constantly searching for the best ways to meet industry needs and provide innovative ingredients and chemicals to meet end-user demands.

Recently, we’ve turned our focus to providing more clean label products. This continued offering is a company-wide effort to promote natural and sustainable ingredients, beneficially impacting our industry and our ecosystem.

Our clean label product offerings are available in different industries, but most recently we are promoting a product and partnership that aids the Personal Care and Cosmetic Industry. Brontide is a natural butylene glycol that allows current users of butylene glycol to seamlessly switch from a petroleum-based product to a natural, clean product offering.

Brontide gives Viachem customers an alternative to the same formulation properties as petroleum-based materials, aiding in brand differentiation. Our extensive knowledge of the Personal Care and Cosmetic markets allows our team to position Brontide in a way that supports formulators in developing natural and sustainable products.

Brontide is just one of many clean label products we are proud to offer. As a part of this initiative, our company will continue to meet demands of our industry by providing unique, sustainable ingredients and working with customers to effectively formulate it into products. For more information on Brontide distribution, contact us at (972) 265-0400 or [email protected]. If you’d like to view more of our clean label products, visit our website.

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