Introducing a Non-GMO Project Verified Citrate Ester Line to the Market

More than ever before, consumers, suppliers and producers are placing a high value in products that are non-GMO product certified. We take this designation seriously, which is why Viachem has introduced a new Citrate product to the market. Sucroplast TEC is an environmentally friendly plasticizer for cellulose derivatives and natural resins. Sucroplast TEC has earned the official non-GMO project certification.

As a flexible fixative, Sucroplast TEC is compatible with other polymers, serving as an easy replacement and adjustment for formulations. Triethyl Citrate’s low toxicity profile and non-GMO status makes it especially desirable in our market and a valuable addition to clean-label conscious products.

Providing exceptional value in both the personal care and food markets, Triethyl Citrate can serve as an ideal flavor or fragrance carrying agent. In addition, it serves as a solvent, diluent and fixative for perfumes, and provides the active ingredient for deodorant.

Key Advantages of Using Viachem’s Sucroplast Triethyl Citrate:

  • We are a new player in the market with better quality and non-GMO project certified product
  • You no longer have to be tied down to just 2 suppliers
  • Our product features high efficiency and easy handling
  • Excellent compatibility with other polymers
  • Easy replacement and adjustment of formulations
  • Good mechanical properties in the finished product
  • Low volatility and migration
  • No need to invest in new production equipment
  • Good profile of toxicological safety
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Environmentally friendly

Selecting Viachem as your exclusive Triethyl Citrate vendor gives you a distinct advantage. Viachem not only offers this high-value, non-GMO ingredient at a lower cost, but our sales team will work to ensure you’re getting the best product that fits your individual needs. Reach out to a member of our “sales machine” to learn more: Contact us.

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