How the Personal Care Industry is Changing

As more and more information is in the hands of consumers, there is a big push in the beauty industry to provide environmentally-friendly personal care products. 

Consumers are becoming aware of products’ and companies’ carbon footprints, and the public has never had an easier time interpreting ingredients and labels. GoodGuide, Think Dirty, CosmEthics, EWG Healthy Living and Detox Me are just five apps that allow consumers to scan product codes to get information about every ingredient in the product and about the farming and sourcing practices of the company. 

Wellness media giants, Oprah Mag and Goop have podcasts and blogs featuring sustainability in beauty and promote products that take a sustainable approach over products that have a negative environmental impact. 

And listeners are willing to pay for the difference. According to a pole by Nielson in 2015, 66 percent of global consumers and 73 percent of Millennials born between 1977 and 1995 are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Millennials especially favor green-label, sustainable products that go hand-in-hand with the beauty trend of natural, clean-looking faces pampered by natural, healthy ingredients. 

Putting knowledge in the hands of consumers has led to a widespread powerful shift in the beauty industry to make significant changes in line with sustainable practices. Mega beauty companies such as L’Oreal, Estee Lauder and Unilever which is the parent company of Dove, St. Ives and Pond’s, all have committed to changing their sourcing models and incorporating sustainable ingredients to keep any negative environmental impacts at a minimum.  

It is more important than ever to provide products with natural ingredients that are sourced and manufactured with sustainable processes. We are proud to exclusively partner with Genomatica to provide a premium sustainable, naturally-derived product: Brontide. 

Brontide is pure butylene glycol extracted from a sustainable and renewable fermentation process that provides a seamless replacement in personal care products for petroleum-based butylene glycol. It is a natural alternative that betters the environment and delivers a superior-quality product. 

If you are a personal care manufacturer seeking a way to develop new, natural products, or looking to reformulate existing products with a natural alternative, Brontide is ideal. Contact one of our technical sales representatives at [email protected] to learn more or request a sample today! 

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