Honest Origins Line Card

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We’re proud to partner with clean ingredient manufacturer Honest Origins to bring their ingredients to the food, beverage and nutritional spaces. Always natural and non-GMO, their product lines include protein concentrates and specialty flours derived from pulse sources. We distribute the following Honest Origins ingredients:

  • pulse flours: navy bean, black bean, pinto bean, small red bean, lentil, yellow pea and rice flour
  • pea protein concentrate
  • chickpea flour

Partnership with Honest Origins increases Viachem’s manufacturing capabilities within the clean-label food, beverage and nutritional markets. Their ingredients are sourced and processed in North America, offering great taste and high functionality. As a Viachem partner, Honest Origins can accommodate specialty formulations and blends for several of its products.

Honest Origins formulates with high-quality raw materials and focuses on reducing their environmental impact at every step. With total control from seed to shelf, they offer an unparalleled level of supply chain visibility. They understand the high standards expected from suppliers and continually work on improving their products to exceed those expectations.

Benefits to our strategic partnership with Honest Origins include:

  • unmatched resources
  • sustainably crafted ingredients
  • domestic production
  • short lead times
  • industry-leading product quality
  • complete supply chain visibility 

“Honest Origins’ farm-to-shelf mentality along with USA manufacturing is a tremendous asset to our product offering and those looking for clean-label alternative ingredients,” said Bob Wills, Director of Sales—Food, Beverage and Nutrition at Viachem. 
Our market research, unmatched distribution and customer service capabilities gave Viachem an edge as Honest Origins’ premier option for a distribution partnership. 

You can become a pioneer in the gluten-free, clean-label industry today. With our supply of Honest Origins products, the opportunities are endless!

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