Hit the Sweet Spot With This Sour Ingredient

Citrus fruit fulfills many purposes: providing Vitamin C, garnishing beverages and most importantly, containing citric acid. Found naturally in fruits like lemons, limes and oranges, citric acid is an organic compound with the chemical formula HOC(CH₂CO₂H)₂. Although it tastes sour, citric acid hits a sweet spot for many manufacturers, as its diverse properties make it useful across multiple industries.

Thanks to its flavoring, preservative and pH stabilizing properties, citric acid is used in the manufacture of soft drinks, concentrated juices, drink mixes, candy, and other types of foods and beverages. In the pharmaceutical industry, citric acid plays an integral role in the production of effervescent tablets and other pharmaceutical preparations like syrups, namely to treat health issues such as kidney stones. When it comes to cosmetics, the brightening power of citric acid shines in skin care products and its ability to preserve products shows up in hair sprays and deodorants. On an industrial level, citric acid is beneficial when added to cleaning products, as it is effective at killing harmful bacteria as well as stain removal. Whichever industry you’re in, Viachem has the non GMO and conventional citric acid your products require.

Viachem offers third-party verification and quality control, so you know the product you’re getting is the best it can be, and at the best price too. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and guarantee a higher level of expertise compared to other suppliers. Take a look at our product page to request a sample of citric acid today!

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