Getting Technical on 1,3-BG

If you’ve been following Viachem over the past few months, you’ve heard us describe the many benefits of our natural and sustainable butylene glycol offering, Brontide by Genomatica. We’d like to take some time to drill down into the technicalities of what makes this product so special.

Brontide, 1,3 butylene glycol (1,3-BG), is manufactured for personal care and cosmetics markets. It acts as a bio-based humectant, solvent and emollient, resulting in many applications in skin care, hair care and as a solvent for high-purity botanical extracts. This naturally sourced and environmentally friendly ingredient combats negative impacts that greatly disturb the environment.

Initially, 1,3-BG was manufactured using a petrochemical feedstock, leaving a large environmental footprint. To combat the outdated manufacturing, Brontide is created by other pathways, resulting in an ingredient that is chemically identical to 1,3-BG all while naturally and sustainably sourced. 

The updated production relies on genetically engineered microorganisms, using renewable sugars as a feedstock. This process allows Brontide to contain half the impurities of traditionally manufactured 1,3-BG and serve as a safe and non-irritating ingredient. The demand for a natural alternative to butylene glycol resulted from its wide range of use in products requiring sustainability.

To recognize a successful incorporation of Brontide into a sustainable product, Bio-Botanica, Inc. worked with our partner, Genomatica, to formulate the natural, butylene glycol into their products. Bio-Botanica specializes in manufacturing botanical extracts in a sustainable way, limiting negative effects of the manufacturing process on the environment. Bio-Botanica was able to combine Brontide with many natural extracts, resulting in over 100 topical formulations.

“I don’t see any disadvantages of Brontide. There’s no disadvantage in using a natural, sustainable solvent in lieu of a synthetic petroleum-based solvent,” said Mark Sysler, Senior Vice President Sales, Bio-Botanica.

We are thrilled to be the chosen distributor of Genomatica’s Brontide butylene glycol and intend to aid customers in formulating the natural and sustainable ingredient into an array of formulas tailored to specific markets.

To discuss the integration of Brontide into your products, contact our team today at (972) 265-0400 or [email protected]

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