FutureFuel partners with Viachem to distribute its Performance Chemicals

FutureFuel partners with Viachem to distribute its Performance Chemicals

FutureFuel Chemical Company has signed an agreement with Viachem Ltd. to sell and market its Performance Chemicals in the U.S. This alliance was effective March 6, 2014.

Plano, TX & Batesville, AR. FutureFuel, a world-class manufacturer of custom and specialty organic chemicals, has named Viachem as its partner for the marketing, technical sales, customer service and fulfillment of selected performance chemicals. The Performance line of chemicals are widely used in multiple end-use applications including adhesives, inks, aerosols, wire coating, masterbatch plastics, photographic chemicals and cleaners.

Viachem is a Plano, TX based specialty chemical sales and marketing company with a revolutionary system which uses a comprehensive and customized market analysis to identify potential and existing users of specialty and performance chemicals, as well as market intelligence and technically trained sales staff to manage the sales and distribution of specialty chemical products. Viachem has grown tremendously by serving a number of niche markets with specialty products.

“The appointment of Viachem as our distributor underscores our company’s interest in providing top quality products to customers in all market segments. The Viachem sales model complements our sales initiatives and Viachem’s Technical Sales Specialists have significant expertise in this area. Viachem’s expertise at pre-qualifying customers, and the company’s ability to generate new business for existing suppliers, adds significant value to the sales transaction” says Slaton Fry, Executive Director Commercial Operations for FutureFuel.”

Viachem applies proven sales strategies, supported by state of the art CRM technologies, to compliment FutureFuel sales initiatives. “Companies like FutureFuel, which focus on helping customers meet the challenges of the future, are more frequently outsourcing highly customized sales and formulation expertise in specialized niche markets. It’s an effective strategy, and we’re pleased to be implementing it for them to benefit their Performance Products,” says Kyle Einhorn, Vice President of Business Development for Viachem. “We are thrilled having found an alliance partner with thorough knowledge of the market, its players, and most important, our products. We are looking forward to continued market growth with Viachem. We’re confident we’ll succeed,” says Slaton Fry.


FutureFuel Chemical Company manufacturing facility, with approximately 500 employees, has a 35+ year history of specialty and custom chemical development and production, first as a member of the Chemicals Division of Eastman Kodak Company from 1976—1993, and then as a member of Eastman Chemical Company from 1994—2006. FutureFuel is devoted to adding value to their customer’s business. This is achieved by providing high quality, competitively priced products, reducing customer’s risks by employing our technical and manufacturing capabilities, insuring environmental and safety compliance, and by cutting the length of the supply chain while maintaining local inventories. The company continually strengthens its ability to serve its customers by expanding its line of proprietary chemical products. This group of products currently includes sulfonated monomers, specialty solvents, polymer additives, and chemical intermediates. Its website is http://www.futurefuelcorporation.com/index.html  

Viachem Ltd. serves customers nationwide using a sophisticated sales and marketing model that helps manufacturers increase their customer base and market share.  Viachem’s services to chemical and ingredient purchasers include third party verification and quality control as well as formulation assistance and competitive pricing for specialty chemicals used in a wide range of industries. The company is headquartered in Plano, Texas.  Its website is www.viacheminc.com

FutureFuel Chemical Company
Contact: Slaton Fry
Executive Director, Commercial Operations
Telephone: +1 (870) 698-3000

Viachem Ltd.
Contact: Kyle Einhorn
Vice President of Business Development
Telephone: +1 (972) 265-0400

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