Exclusive Interview with Nicola Welch

This quarter, a percentage of every Viachem order will go to support the National MS Society. This organization is close to our hearts, not only because of the incredible work they do to help nearly 1 million people living with the disease, but also because the organization has been a game-changer in the life of our Industry Manager, Nicola Welch.

Here’s what she has to say about the National MS Society in her own words:

What attracted you to this cause?

This charity became a LOT more personal to me when my fiance was diagnosed with the disease. While he is still healthy, we would like to participate as much as possible. As a support system to my love who has the disease, they are the only organization that offers community collaboration not just for the patient but also for the families who have to take care of those with MS.

With so many great organizations, why support the National MS Society?

They’re the biggest nonprofit focused on MS, and since they’re the ones who host the events we’ve participated in before, they were Viachem’s best opportunity to make a direct impact. One of my favorite parts about The National MS Society is the variety of ways you can get involved. They have ski events, bike events, mud runs, 5ks, even digital 5ks where you can do one on your own if an event is not close to you. My fiance and I ran in the MuckFest mud run 5K that used to be held in Dallas. We support others who still bike the MS150. We donate to the organization when we can, and will continue to do so.

What inspired you to connect this Charity with Viachem?

At Viachem, we have the ability to help customers of all kinds. We want to expand that reach to a vast number of people as well. At Viachem, we also treat everyone’s families like our own. As this disease is so close to home for me, I have felt so much support from everyone here at Viachem.

How did you first find out about the National MS Society?

Growing up I think the first time I had heard about this organization was through the MS150 bike race. I have known several people who participated every year since my early childhood. This charity is designed to support patients who have been diagnosed with MS, as well as their families/support systems.

How is this Charity making the world a better place?

Their vision is to free the world of MS, by helping people affected by MS live their best life. That is a cause worth supporting. My fiance is also not the only person I know with this disease. I have two other friends and another friend’s mother all with MS. Medications to keep it at bay are incredibly expensive, plus MRI scans, neurologist appointments, etc. The National MS Society helps lighten the burden of those diagnosed with MS during times of extreme stress. Friends and loved ones need this organization.

What would you say to someone considering getting involved?

What’s stopping you? There’s something for everyone here and so many people can use our help!

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