Distribution Update: Bringing Rhovanil® to North American Markets

What is Vanillin?

When customers taste vanillin, the primary component extracted from the vanilla bean, they’re often brought back to memories of their childhood. That’s because vanillin is the most widely used vanilla flavoring in the food and beverage industry, recognized worldwide for its distinctly sweet and simple taste.

Viachem distributes vanillin from the French manufacturer, Solvay – a brand that has acted as a benchmark for quality within the industry. Solvay’s vanillin product, Rhovanil, is produced under the highest food safety standards: GMO-free, Allergen Free, Halal, Kosher and Passover Certified. Rhovanil is 99.95% pure vanillin, making it the industry leader in purity and quality.

Solvay’s vanillin sets the standard for easy dissolution and mixability. It can be used to boost the vanilla flavor in food and drinks like pastries, ice cream, coffee and more. Vanillin has a shelf life of 5 years, making it the sustainable and economical choice for food manufacturers, retailers and producers alike.

Vanillin isn’t only a flavor enhancer. It also acts as an antioxidant increasing the sustainability of products. In complex foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, lengthy storage periods may add unpleasant flavors to the product. By adding a small amount of vanillin, these unintended flavors are suppressed by the vanilla flavor and the quality of your product will last.

The Clean Label Impact  

At Viachem, we are dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality products possible. Solvay’s vanillin is regarded as a clean label product because it’s additive free, sourced from natural vanilla beans and is the highest purity possible in the industry.

Viachem will be distributing Solvay’s Rhovanil through our website as well as our Amazon marketplace. Amazon offers ease, convenience and of course – two-day delivery.

We believe that our partnership with Solvay keeps us aligned with our Clean Label Initiative, and aids in the distribution of exclusive products to our client base. If you have any questions concerning the production of Rhovanil contact us at [email protected]

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