Dan Cadenhead Shares His Connection to March of Dimes

At Viachem, we proudly send proceeds from every order we receive in Q2 to support the Dallas chapter of March of Dimes, an organization that supports the health of moms and babies around the country. Their goal is to help every family have the best possible start. Our Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dan Cadenhead first connected Viachem to this cause. In an exclusive interview, he shares his personal connection to this organization. 

How did you first find out about March of Dimes?

I first heard about the incredible work that March of Dimes does in 2014, when one of my closest friends, Adam Logan, and his wife Allison got pregnant with twins, Sam and Charlie. They suffered tragic complications that led to the twins’ premature birth and while Charlie recovered, Sam passed away after only 4 weeks in the NICU. March of Dimes Dallas chapter supports the local NICUs in Dallas, and came alongside the Logan family, supporting them throughout the entire process. Adam and his family are now heavily involved in the March of Dimes in Dallas because of the positive impact this organization had on their own lives. You can read more about their story at this link. I also had another close friend, Jeremy, who was in a similar situation. His wife had twins born prematurely. The March of Dimes helped them get through their time in the NICU as well. 

Are you involved in this charity today? 

After watching two good friends positively impacted and supported by the Dallas chapter of March of Dimes, I wanted to get involved. Since my first brush with the organization in 2014, my family and I have actively participated, joining the fundraising walk in Dallas every May. We contribute and volunteer personally, in whatever ways we can. The organization has had a special role in my life. 

What stands out to you the most about this charity? 

The part that stands out the most to me is the emotional support, counseling and the access to information that March of Dimes provides. They connect people in similar situations, and do an amazing job sharing stories so each family and mother doesn’t have to feel that they are walking alone. I’m sure that the financial support March of Dimes offers is substantial, helping to both alleviate cost and assist with goods, diapers and formula. However, the strongest impact that I saw March of Dimes had on my two close friends was the emotional support, coaching, expectation level setting, and direction for how to proceed into the future. 

What would you say to someone considering getting involved?

I think that with any charity that is personal to you or has impacted you or your friends and your family, do whatever you can, whether that be monetary contributions or actively giving your time. One thing I know for sure, is March of Dimes is making the world a better place.

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