Clean Labels – What You Need to Know

Today’s food and beverage industry is evolving. More and more, our consumers demand honesty, and industry standards push towards authenticity at the source. This means honesty must be central to ingredients, production methods and, most recently, on “clean” product labels.

The standard of simplicity is becoming an expectation – as players in several categories provide label transparency, competitors are in a rush to do the same.

Now, the shift to Natural products wouldn’t be nearly as groundbreaking without the participation from key household product names. Nestlé USA has led the charge in “cleaning up” the labels on a variety of customer favorites, including its iconic candy bars.

“Our first step has been to remove artificial flavors and colors without affecting taste or increasing the price. We’re excited to be the first major U.S. candy manufacturer to make this commitment,” said Doreen Ida, president of Nestlé USA Confections & Snacks in a 2015 article published on

Moving forward, Nestlé USA has plans to remove all artificial flavors and colors from its products. According to the article, these constructive product changes have included using annatto instead of Red 40 and Yellow 5 in Butterfinger products, and replacing artificial vanillin with natural vanillin in Crunch products.

As the industry requires more transparency, it’s our job to evolve alongside our customers and their products. Vanillin, the product Nestlé is using to replace its artificial vanilla flavoring, is one of Viachem’s featured Natural products – you can request a sample here.

Viachem stands to make strides and change with our industry, continuing to offer the trust and transparency that today’s consumers expect.

For more information on Viachem’s role as a chemical distributor, or to learn more about our products, visit us here.

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