Chloramine-T: For When Things Get Fishy

Every year, amoebic gill disease costs the global fishing industry millions of dollars in treatment procedures and lost productivity. The amoeba that causes AGD works rapidly once it has attached to the gills of a salmon or trout, making it difficult for the fish to breathe and causing it to develop mucoid spots. As AGD cases are rising in new areas of the world, it’s crucial to have an action plan prepared to prevent the loss of fish and, therefore, profit.

Viachem’s solution? Tosylchloramide Sodium Salt, better known as Chloramine-T.

Serving as a biocide, Viachem’s Chloramine-T is an N-chlorinated and N-deprotonated sulfonamide produced by Iofina Chemical. Chloramine-T has been a common disinfectant for decades. According to this clinical study, it was even used during WWII to prevent the spread of common diseases on the front lines! This chemical is typically a white powder substance that dissolves in water. Chloramine-T has applications in several industries, making it pertinent to a wide range of manufacturers. In addition to the aquaculture industry, Chloramine-T is valuable in the medical, textile and hydrotherapeutic industries, acting as a disinfectant, sanitizer, antiseptic and dyeing agent.

Don’t Fish For Chemicals

When it comes to the aquaculture and aquafarming industries, Chloramine-T is used to treat external bacterial infections in salmonid fish such as koi, salmon, trout and whitefish. When Chloramine-T is added to the water, it decomposes to release chloride, which acts as a biocide, decontaminating the fish skin and acting as an antiseptic to treat the mucoid patches that develop with amoebic gill disease. This clinical study represents the efficacy of Chloramine-T in the control of mortality of freshwater salmonoids with amoebic gill disease.

Think that Chloramine-T could be the solution? We’ve got you covered. Viachem offers a fast and reliable sample process, so you can try our top-notch ingredients with no fear of commitment. When you work with Viachem, you’re guaranteed fast delivery, expert customer service and a state-of-the-art, nuanced approach to meeting your needs.

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