State laws legalizing CBD use in people do not apply to animals, and the legal landscape for CBD in veterinary medicine is cloudy.  However, CBD is not only beneficial for humans. 

Based on a growing body of research, CBD oil can treat seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, back pain and other health conditions in dogs. And there is more information coming about CBD’s effect on other animals.

Here is what we know: 

  1. On July 23, 2018, Cornell University published the first medical hemp veterinary study at a major hospital. The study shows that CBD had positive effects on treating canine osteoarthritis without serious side effects.
  2. Cornell University is currently studying CBD oil’s effect on felines. 
  3. Colorado State University is working on a new study to examine the role of CBD oil to treat anxiety and seizures in dogs. 
  4. The company behind ElleVet is conducting a feline osteoarthritis study. This study is especially important as 90 percent of cats age 10 or older are suffering from this disease. 
  5. The University of Florida has begun three more clinical trials that focus on CBD’s effect on seizures, oncology and post-operative pain in animals. 
  6. Cornell University did a long-term safety study and pharmacokinetic study on both dogs and cats to determine safety and accurate dosing. 

For manufacturers and suppliers of pet products, staying informed on the latest CBD information is vital for business. The potential for hemp to infiltrate the veterinary industry is huge. On Sept 27, 2018, California became the first state where it is legal for veterinarians to talk about cannabis with their patients. It is likely that more and more states will adopt policies like this as CBD regulations evolve. 

Veterinarians are currently not allowed to administer or dispense CBD oil to patients, but that has not stopped product manufacturers in some states from creating CBD-based products for animals as the body of research around hemp’s effect on animals has grown.

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