Green Beret Foundation

12/8 2020

Meet Jefferson Dillon Bowers from the Green Beret Foundation

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Dillon is originally from Madison, Georgia, graduating from one of the premier senior military colleges in the nation, the University of North Georgia. After graduating, Dillon enlisted directly into the Army Special [...]

11/5 2020

Give Back to the Green Beret Foundation

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The Green Beret Foundation strives to provide safe and healthy rehabilitation to veterans from the Army Special Forces. Even as COVID-19 has changed circumstances around the world, the Green Beret Foundation has not slowed their [...]

10/13 2020

Viachem Supports the Green Beret Foundation

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At Viachem, we proudly support the Green Beret Foundation and have committed to donating proceeds from every order we receive to this organization through Q4. This national organization supports the health and rehabilitation of our [...]