Can You Guess One of the Most Versatile Ingredients?

There’s a key ingredient known for its versatility that aids product formulations across both the personal care and industrial paints and coatings industries: ammonium benzoate. It is a white solid chemical that is the ammonium salt of benzoic acid and helpful in many different product formulations. 

As an ingredient, ammonium benzoate is cost-effective and comes in the form of a water-soluble, coarse, white powder. It acts as a preservative in personal care products including cosmetics, shampoos, perfumes, soaps, lotions, toothpastes, hair products and more. In paints and coatings, it acts as an amine-free flash rust corrosion inhibitor for ferrous substrates and is effective at low levels of 0.1% to 10%. 

As an industrial chemical, ammonium benzoate is a preservative for specific adhesives, rubber latex and paper wrappers. It’s also an agent for reducing curing time in vulcanization of rubber and an analytical reagent for various elements. 

Ammonium benzoate is derived from benzoic acid and ammonia and is approximately 99% pure. Ammonia, NH₃, is a colourless gas with a distinct odor, a stable binary hydride and a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. Benzoic acid finds popular use as a food preservative and is a fungistatic compound, natural byproduct of phenylalanine metabolism, with the formula C₆H₅CO₂H. When benzoic acid reacts with ammonia to produce ammonium benzoate, the white, coarse salt ingredient is created. 

At Viachem, we partner with Vertellus, a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for markets around the world including agriculture, nutrition, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, medical, personal care, plastics, coatings and more, to provide two premium ammonium benzoate ingredients. We offer Ammonium Benzoate, ACS, a reagent-grade chemical and a personal care product preservative, and Ammonium Benzoate, Purified suitable for personal care products and for industrial paints and coatings. 

Our team of degreed technical sales specialists are standing by to serve you and provide you with this premium ingredient. Contact our team today at [email protected] for a sample. 

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